The Story

And then, there was movement. Movement that creates moments, movement that fosters memories, Movement that Inspires.

South Africans are a nation of movers. We move to chase our biggest dreams, move to the rhythmic beat of our own unique drum, move off the beaten path, move to spaces and faces familiar and new.

And in every movement, we seek and find inspiration. The young child marveling at the picturesque mountain peaks of the open road. The career focused someone who finds moments of peace in movement. The teen who treats the backseat like their personal Tik Tok content studio. The couple whose bond grows stronger with every joyous journey. The family that creates cherished memories while road tripping.

The Kia Road Trip Anthem is a celebration. A celebration of movement, inspiration, journeys, road trips, and more. It is a celebration of Mzansi and its people.

Here’s to every road trip, here’s to every Kia Tsamaya moment.

Kia Tsamaya Anthem

Fall in love with the sound of every road trip, every moment spent moving, being inspired, and arriving. Sing it loud and sing it proud – the Kia Tsamaya Anthem.


Kia Tsamaya Lyrics

The Family Journeys

Celebrate and enjoy the unforgettable family journeys. The journeys with loved ones, the ones who are always there for you, the ones who matter most.

The Couple Road Trips

Here’s to road trips with your soulmate. To enjoying the moments of movement that feature stolen kisses, passionate proclamations of love, and silent moments you’ll cherish forever.

Solo Adventurers

The solo adventures are the journeys that allow you to enjoy you. Marvel at the road you’ve travelled, the dreams you’ve made a reality, and the joy of knowing that you’re well on your way to achieving all you’ve ever wanted.