We recognise and will never obstruct your choice to seek service, maintenance and mechanical repair work and/or fit Original (Genuine Kia Parts) or Non-Original Spare Parts, during the In-Warranty period for your Motor Vehicle at a service provider of your choice, regardless of whether that service provider is an Approved Dealer or an Independent Service Provider (Motor-body Repairers, who are not appointed as an Approved Dealer or Approved Motor-body Repairer – ISP).

However, for your peace of mind, we recommend that you service your Vehicle at an Authorised Kia Dealer using Genuine Kia Parts.

Authorised Kia Dealers can service your Vehicle using specialised Kia diagnostic equipment and tools operated by Kia factory-trained technicians who will ensure that your Vehicle is operating to manufacturers specifications.

Genuine parts versus non-genuine. It's your choice.

Genuine Kia Parts Warranty for peace of mind.

As Kia has the highest confidence in the quality and performance of its products, Genuine Kia Parts purchased from an authorised Kia Dealer are covered under warranty for a period of 12 months or 20 000 kms, whichever occurs first.

Stringent quality standards.

Because Kia is a vehicle manufacturer, we are required to meet the highest possible global standards. As non-genuine part manufacturers only produce parts, they are not obliged to meet these standards. With Genuine Kia Parts, you can be assured of the highest standards of quality, fit and finish.

Customer satisfaction is our driving force.

Genuine Kia Parts are designed to meet the highest level of quality expected not only by Kia but also by our customers.

Genuine Kia Parts and your vehicle's resale value.

Discerning buyers of second-hand vehicles give preference to those vehicles that are serviced regularly using Genuine Kia Parts. If a vehicle has been repaired using Genuine Kia Parts after an accident, it may assist in maintaining the vehicle's resale value. Genuine Kia Parts are also designed specifically for your Kia vehicle to ensure a perfect fit and superior performance.

Using an ISP. It's your choice.

If you choose to make use of an ISP, it is important to note that:
  • • Motor-body repairs to any vehicle in instances where you may have insurance cover shall be undertaken by an Approved Motor-body Repairer during the In-Warranty period, as allocated by an Insurer to you.• In instances where you choose to use an ISP during the In-Warranty period, there shall be no obligation on the Kia to pay for any service and maintenance work undertaken by the ISP.
  • • If there is any damage to your Motor Vehicle from the fitment of Spare Parts by an ISP, there is a risk that certain provisions in the Kia Warranty will be voided.
  • • ISPs are obliged to record any In-Warranty work undertaken by them in your Vehicle Service Books or equivalent record-keeper.
  • • ISPs are required to disclose to you, in clear and explicit terms, the risk of damage that could arise from the ISP’s work, including Consequential Damage to your Motor Vehicle, which may potentially void certain  obligations of the Kia Warranty.
  • • ISPs are further obliged to disclose to you:
  • - Whether they have adequate commercial insurance cover to perform the work that they will be undertaking on your Motor Vehicle.
  • - If any damage is caused to your Motor Vehicle from work done by an ISP, there is a risk that certain provisions of the Kia Warranty will be voided. However, other provisions of the Warranty may remain severable and enforceable.
  • - And record all In-Warranty work undertaken by them in your Vehicle Service Book