Welcome to KIA Motors South Africa! A brand forever young. A brand as bold, surprising and multilayered as the people who drive our cars, and as successful as the passionate, dedicated people who work for us. Our goal is to be loved by South Africans, and we will achieve this through our award-winning, competitive range of products, as well as through the hearts and capabilities of the individual members who make the heart of KIA. We will help each individual in the KIA family develop to their full potential by providing continuous training, development and growth opportunities.


VISION: To be loved by all South Africans.
KIA inspires people to choose positivity. To look on the bright side of life, helping people to thrive in a world of responsibilities and pressures.

Our Values

  • SimpleSimple
  • DependableDependable
  • FunFun
  • ConsistentConsistent
  • BraveBrave

Why Us

We are Vibrant

KIA’s challenging spirit, fun attitude and proven capabilities resonate in people’s minds. We continuously strive to be at the pulse of the time to deliver inspiring customer experience.

We are Reliable

KIA never compromises on quality, which is why KIA is the highest ranked brand for quality for 6 consecutive years according to J.D. Power and Associates. Our relentless pursuit of safety, performance and comfort makes KIA a trustworthy friend, and we strive to provide customer-centric sales and service under the banner we call “Family-like Care”. As a responsible brand, KIA not only enhances people’s lives, but also helps improve communities and the environment.

We are Distinctive

We have one of the most-awarded automotive design teams in the world, which not only gives KIA a style of its own, but allows us to have unique product designs, smart technologies and enjoyable services. Our willingness to be of service, to learn and grow, to step out and beyond boundaries has enabled us to reach unparalleled success.

Transformation and Diversity

We are committed to the meaningful, sustainable economic transformation of South Africa. It is the company’s policy that employees be appointed and promoted on the grounds of their ability and potential to meet the requirements of the position. At the same time, it recognises that due to past socio-political factors, certain groups within our economy have been denied access to opportunities for education, employment, promotion and wealth creation. We have a responsibility to implement measures that would ensure that our employees, irrespective of race, gender and disability, have equal employment opportunities and to establish policies which ensure that staff are equitably represented at all levels and occupational categories in the organisation.

What we look for?

We look for professionals, graduates and individuals who will ignite ideas, seize
opportunities and co-create the future of the automotive industry with us.

We are looking for individuals who exude:

• Confidence • Have entrepreneurial flair • Reliability • Think out of the box • Honesty • Customer focused • And who want to grow

What little miracle can we perform today?